Major Battles

May 3-4, 1864 – Crossing the Fords
Grant takes command and heads South — Grant moves the Army of the Potomac out of Culpeper and across the Rapidan and Rappahannock Rivers near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

May 5-6, 1864 – Battle of the Wilderness
Grant shows Lee that he is different — The first battle between Grant and Lee in the woods and thickets of Northern Virginia.

May 7-12, 1864 – Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
Lee blocks Grant’s Move to the East — A place where the bloodiest fighting of the Civil War takes place.

May 13-25, 1864 – Battle of North Anna River
Lee’s Trap Fails — Lee beats Grant to the North Anna River but is unable to spring a trap that would have cut Grant’s army into three pieces.

May 26, 1864 – June 3, 1864 – Battle of Cold Harbor
Grant finally gets Lee in the open — The massive assault on the Confederate defenses at Cold Harbor does not go well.

June 15-18, 1864 – Second Battle of Petersburg
The End of the Overland Campaign — The second attempt to take Petersburg fails when Confederate reinforcements arrive and stop the assault.

June 18, 1864 – April 2, 1865 – Seige of Petersburg
10-month Seige of Petersburg — Grant’s forces encircle Lee’s army at Petersburg and Richmond and begin to squeeze the Confederate defenders.

April 2, 1865 – Third Battle of Petersburg
End of the Seige of Petersburg — The third attempt to take Petersburg breaks through the defenses and ends the 292-day siege.

April 3-7, 1865 – Chasing Lee
Grant chases Lee’s army West across Virginia — Grant’s forces move to cut off Lee’s dwindling army before it can escape to Tennessee.

April 8-9, 1865 – Battle of Appomattox Court House
Grant catches Lee’s retreating army at Appomattox — Grant’s forces defeat Lee’s dwindling army at Appomattox in one of the last battles of the American Civil War.

April 9, 1865 – Lee Surrenders at Appomattox Court House
Grant surrounds Lee’s army  with two corps of Union soldiers — Hopelessly outnumbered and cut off from escape, Lee surrenders his Army of Northern Virginia to Grant.

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