Update.04: Texas or Bust

UPDATES -️ October 19, 2021

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War Yankee is moving to Texas!

Noteable Quotes

“Texas or bust.”
— Kyle M. Bondo

“Mark me, the day that produces a dissolution of this [Union] will be written in the blood of humanity.”
— Sam Houston, U.S. Senator (Texas), told Congress as he defied Southerns by voting against the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leaving the Democratic Party in 1854.

“I wish no prouder epitaph to mark the board or slab that may lie on my tomb than this: 'He loved his country, he was a patriot; he was devoted to the Union.'”
— Governer Sam Houston (Texas) when the Texas state convention voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Union, against his wishes on Feb. 1, 1861.

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