War Yankee – Overland is a podcast about Grant’s March South to Petersburg

War Yankee - OverlandIt’s May 1864…

… and the Union has entered its fourth year of war against the Confederacy succession. President Abraham Lincoln has fired yet another General and promoted Ulysses S. Grant — Hero of Vicksburg — to General-in-Chief of the entire Union Army. Without delay, Grant forms a new aggressive strategy that will not only take the fight to the enemy but see him command the Army of the Potomac in the field.

Join US Navy veteran Kyle Bondo, as he follows the history of Grant’s Overland Campaign from Culpeper to Petersburg, Virginia, in his American Civil War podcast War Yankee. Learn what it took General Ulysses S. Grant and the soldiers of the Army of the Potomac to survive 40+ days of continuous warfare against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia in 1864. War Yankee – Overland is a history podcast presented by Gagglepod.

Why War Yankee?

It is a word my Grandfather used to call Ulysses S. Grant whenever it came up in conversation. He would say, “That Grant, he was the only War Yankee Lincoln had that was worth anything.” Or if the topic shifted to Sherman, he would say, “Good thing Grant had that Old War Yankee on his side.”

I asked him once what he meant by “War Yankee” and told me, “It was a compliment — like calling a man a War Horse. Only a War Yankee IS a warhorse, another way to say there is a powerful force hiding inside a strong man.” This is why I named this podcast “War Yankee”. It is the standard that I want to hold myself to as well as making my Unionist point-of-view very clear from the beginning.

Because the Unionist point-of-view is an ideology that I was introduced to as a child and now fully embrace as a father, husband, veteran, and American. The War Yankee perspective goes way back in my family.

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