So there I was…

…an officer in the Army of the Potomac during the first week of the Overland Campaign leading men into The Wilderness against the Confederacy. As I struggled to maneuver my soldiers in a straight enough line to engage the rebels within this 70-square-mile tract of thickets and dense forest, I keep asking myself: How did I get here?

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“Let no man be so rash as to suppose that in donning a general’s uniform, he is forthwith competent to perform a general’s functions.”
— Prof. Dennis Hart Mahan, USMA (1824-1871)

“[I] hail the day [I] left public office as the happiest of my life, except possibly the day I left West Point, a place I felt I had been at always and that my stay had no end.”
— Lt.Gen. Ulysses S. Grant (1871)

“I was always a friend of southern rights but an enemy of southern wrongs.”
— Maj.Gen. Benjamin Butler (1861)

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